2017 Youth Lenten Discussion Group

2017 Youth Lenten Group


St Joseph’s youth gathered together for six weeks each Sunday evening throughout Lent, following the 6pm youth Mass. This enabled the group to reflect and develop a deeper appreciation for the life and mission of Jesus Christ, in preparation for Holy Week.

As part of the Lenten journey, the youth read a fantastic book by Stephen Cottrell, titled, The Things He Did.’ The book is divided into six chapters, each chapter ending with reflection questions. Stephen Cottrell provides the reader with an opportunity to consider different points of view to that of the popular biblical narration.

In particular, the book considers the point of view of:

• the people surrounding Jesus, as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey,

• the chief priests and teachers of the law, as Jesus overturned the tables in the Temple,

• the disciples, as they watched the woman pour expensive ointment onto Jesus’ feet,

• Judas and Peter, as Jesus performed the unexpected actions of a king, washing the disciples’ feet,

• the disciples, as Jesus prayed the Words of the ‘Lord’s Supper’ for the first time, and

• Jesus, as His death drew near, and His disciples fled.

The 6 weeks of Lenten discussions encouraged the 9 – 12 attendants, all whom contributed with deep insights and questions, about the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

This is the first year that the St Joseph’s youth team has provided a Lenten discussion event, and given the success of the event, they will run the event again in 2018. All youth in the parish, and surrounding parishes, are welcome to attend, as this provides an opportunity to deepen faith, build relationships, and sustain a stronger sense of what it means to be a Christian youth in the world today.

 Are you a young person wanting to get involved at St Joseph’s?

 If you are a young person, and interested to find out more about St Joseph’s youth events or keen to be involved in the Sunday, 6pm youth Mass, please contact Paul Curtis and the youth team youth@stjosephssubiaco.org.au






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