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The translation used by the US Bishops differs very slightly from the one in use here in Australia.

Please use it as a guideline for your preparation. When reading at Mass, please use the text as it is on the Ambo.

We are awaiting clearance for copyright license for the Lectionary texts as used in Australia - when this comes through

we will transfer to the Australian Lectionary - thank you for your patience.

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 Archbishop Timothy's Pastoral

on the ACBC Response to the Report from the Royal Commission




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Plenary Council 2020


Listen to what the Spirit is saying


Our parish coordinators:

Mary McComish, Daniel Lynch, Tina Perez

Please return to this page in up-coming weeks,
to find information about the listening-and-dialogue program that will be underway shortly in our parish community.
In the meantime, if you would like to explore the Plenary Council website and its many wonderful resources,
please click on the direct link - HERE
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Pope Francis' vision for the Church in Australia is " a synodal Church. A synodal Church is a Church which listens, which realizes that listening is more than simply hearing. It is a mutual listening in which everyone has something to learn .... the faithful people, the bishops, the Bishop of Rome: all listening to each other, and all listening to the Holy Spirit, in order to know what the Spirit says to the Churches".
Join us in our listening and dialogue sessions in the parish of Saint Joseph, by choosing a group from among those listed below:

Group 1: Tuesday October at 9.30am AND October 16 at 9.30am

Group 2: Sunday October 14 at 11.00am AND Sunday October 21 at 11.00am

Group 3: Monday October 15 at 6.00pm AND Monday October 22 at 6.00pm

Group 4: Tuesday October 23 at 9.30am AND October 30 at 9.30am

Group 5b: Monday November 12 at 7.00pm AND Monday November 19 at 7.00pm

Group 6: Monday October 29 at 7.00pm AND Monday November 5 at 7.00pm

Simply email the parish office on: enquiries@stjosephssubiaco.org.au with your preferred Group choice ... and you will have taken a step forward to becoming an active listener in a listening Church.
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