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The Centre for Faith Enrichment is the official adult faith formation agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth. The Centre for Faith Enrichment offers short daytime, evening and weekend courses on a wide range of topics at various locations throughout Perth and online. These include theology, Church history, spirituality, the Sacraments, Christian living, scripture and much more. Our courses are presented in a relaxed and friendly environment – with no exams or assignments – and are open to all who are seeking to explore questions of life, faith and meaning. The Centre for Faith Enrichment also awards scholarships for biblical studies through the B.J. Hickey Biblical Foundation.

Dr Marco Ceccarelli


Marco is the Director of the Centre for Faith Enrichment and is an Adjunct Lecturer in Church History at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Marco has taught European history and literature at The University of Western Australia, where he holds a PhD in History/European studies (Jesuit studies) and an MA in European literature.

A former Journalist and Assistant Editor for the Archdiocesan Communications Office, Marco is committed to offering people an educational experience that allows them to draw on the richness of the Catholic tradition.

 Visit the Centre's website by clicking here

Centre for Faith Enrichment Website

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Plenary Council 2020

Listen to what the Spirit is saying


Update: Sunday 13 January

The Parish feedback submissions are due in NOW. Please email them in as soon as possible - or bring hard copies to the parish office

Final Listening & Dialogue Sessions are on Monday 18 and Monday 25 of January - please register with the Parish Office 9381 0400 or enquiries@stjosephssubiaco.org.au


Our parish coordinators:     Mary McComish, Daniel Lynch, Tina Perez


 From the National Executive Team of Plenary 2020


***We have received a video message from Daniel Ang,

a member of the Executive Team leading the Plenary 2020 process

for the Australian Church.

Daniel is a deeply committed and highly motivated Christian

who is also Executive Officer for Evangelisation in

the Diocese of Broken Bay, New South Wales.

Watch and listen to Daniel Ang's  message by double-clicking on this address line: 

Daniel Ang_St Josephs Subiaco_18 November 2018


Plenary 2020 at Saint Joseph's - A Summary


Our Plenary Council parish representatives have drawn together

a summary of all that has been shared

throughout the consultation process in the Parish of Saint Joseph.

Please take some time to read and reflect on what is contained there.

The Summary can be accessed by double-clicking on this address line:

 Plenary Council 2020_SJ Summary November 2018


small gallery of local photos

Parish Feedback:


we invite you to reflect on our parish life,

asking the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and prayers

on the question -

"What are you asking of us in the coming year?

What direction would you have us take?"


The feedback form can be accessed by double-clicking on the underlined address here:     

Plenary Council 2020_Parish Feedback

 If you are unable to access pdf files on your home PC,

we have printed hard-copies of the Parish feedback forms in the Parish Office.

Please call in on any weekday between 9.00am and 4.30pm


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If you would like to explore the Plenary Council website and its many wonderful resources,

please click on the direct link - HERE



Pope Francis' vision for the Church in Australia is " a synodal Church".

A synodal Church is a Church which listens,

which realizes that listening is more than simply hearing.

It is a mutual listening in which everyone has something to learn ....

the faithful people, the bishops, the Bishop of Rome:

all listening to each other, and all listening to the Holy Spirit,

in order to know what the Spirit says to the Churches".

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