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Expression-of-Interest:  This 3-month opening has now closed

Parents, if you wish your child to participate in any of our sacramental programs in 2019, you need to send an expression of interest.

Please email Bart Welten before 20 February 2019 at

Please do this personally, as the child’s parent, rather than asking any other family member [including grandparents] to do this for you, as this is a canonical requirement.

Expressions of interest do not automatically mean acceptance into any part of the program. Because of the high level of interest, we will accept candidates using the following guidelines:

Candidates whose families are registered both as parishioners and as contributors to the planned-giving scheme of the parish;

Candidates whose families are simply registered members of the parish;

Any candidates whose families are not registered as parishioners will be assigned to a waiting list.

Before the end of Term 1, you will receive an email with an application form, which you as the parent will be required to sign and return, along with a photocopy of the documentation outlined on the application form.


For Your Diary:

Parents of all candidates are required to attend

a Parent Information Session in the Upper Room:

at 7.00pm on Thursday 14 March….for parents of Confirmation candidates

at 7.00pm on Monday 24 June …. for parents of Reconciliation and First Communion candidates



Cost of each program:

  • Families who are registered parishioners, and on the planned-giving scheme: $30 per child

  • Families who are registered, but not on the planned-giving scheme: $75 per child

  • Families who will have more than one child taking part in programs during the year -please contact Linda Brandon in the parish office to obtain a family discount.


Requirements for participation:

For all three of our Programs ALL candidates – whether from Catholic or State schools -  MUST attend

[1]the Welcome/Introductory session,

[2] the Rehearsal and

[3] the celebration of the Sacrament.

It is expected that parents will support their children by attending Mass with them on each of the Sundays during the sacramental program, regardless of whatever is their custom at other times.

Candidates attending State schools will attend all their classes at Saint Joseph’s, where the material they cover will be similar to the material which candidates at Catholic schools cover in their school syllabus.

All classes are conducted on Sundays from 4.45 – 5.45pm



Please scroll down to find

all the dates and details

for the individual sacramental programs











DATES and DETAILS for 2019




 Welcome & introduction: 4.45pm     Sunday 5 May [ALL candidates] 

Classes:  4.45pm   Sundays 12, 19, 26 May, Sundays 9, 16 June

[June 2 – NO class due to WA-Day long-weekend]

Rehearsal: 4.45pm   Sunday  23 June  [ALL candidates]

Sacrament: 10.00am Mass  Sunday 30 June  [ALL candidates]  





 Welcome & Introduction: 4.45pm    Sunday 4 August   [ALL candidates]

Classes: 4.45pm      Sundays 11, 18, 25 August, Sundays 1, 8 September

Rehearsal: 4.45pm    Sunday 15 September [ALL candidates]

Sacrament: 10.00am Mass    Sunday 22 September [ALL candidates]






Welcome and Introduction: 4.45pm    Sunday 11 August   [ALL candidates]

Classes:4.45pm     Sundays 18, 25 August, Sundays 1, 8,  September

Rehearsal: 4.45pm    Sunday 15 September [ALL candidates]

Sacrament: 5.00pm    Saturday 21 September [ALL candidates] 


You can find extra information, and reflections on each of the Sacraments

by accessing the Centre for Faith Enrichment here *



A question people often ask:

At what age should my child be prepared?

In accordance with pastoral practice in the Archdiocese, we have adopted the following:

First Reconciliation:  from 8 years of age [Yr 3]

First Communion:  from 9 years of age [Yr 4/5]

Confirmation:   from 11 years of age [Year 6]

 It is important at all times to respect your child’s journey of faith, and the working of the Holy Spirit.

Please don’t assume that just because they’re in a particular grade that they’re ready to take that next step.

Please pray about your child’s faith and just as you have a conversation with God about their readiness,

have a conversation too, with your child.

This is especially important when it comes to Confirmation:

it is sometimes better to wait for a peaceful readiness

than to push for what you, as a parent, may want for your child.

Spiritual maturity

doesn’t have the same time-clock

as emotional/physical maturity,

nor the same predictability as

moving from one year level to the next at school.

Ask the Holy Spirit

for the gift of discernment.



Expression-of-Interest for 2019 are CLOSED

Details and Dates for the Sacramental Program 2020

will be posted on the website in November 2029


Further enquiries:

ring Bart Welten on 9381 0400 on Mon/Wed/Fri

or email:



SJS1       Parish of Saint Joseph, 3 Salvado Road Subiaco