Sacramental Program 2017

First Reconciliation, First Communion, Confirmation

Our Sacramental Program for 2017 has now run its full course.

♥  In our Confirmation Program, we had 47 candidates who completed their formation in June.

♥  Our Sacrament of Reconciliation Program was a rowdy success, with 47 candidates also.

♥  Our First Communion Program was a somewhat more sedate gathering of 27 earnest young candidates.

A mighty thank you to all of you who are parents and parent-figures for all our candidates.

You did a wonderful job of supporting and encouraging them, making sure they were present and participating in all classes and,

what’s more, encouraging them – and joining them – in learning appropriate prayers for young Christian students.

Parents who are interested in our 2018 Sacramental Program – information will be online by Christmas.

We will call for applications during the coming year.

Confirmation applications will be called for in February/March

Reconciliation and Communion applications will be called for in June

Please keep an eye out in the Newsletter and on our website.

When the time comes for applications, please email me with the name, date of birth and school of your child, and a contact number for you. I will email you a full application form at that time.

Any candidate whose family is registered as regular parishioners is automatically included within our program.

Candidates whose families regularly worship at St Josephs, but are not registered parishioners may have a strong case for inclusion in the program, but their inclusion will depend on the number of places available.

We try to be inclusive and welcoming, but we also have to be fair and reasonable…which includes being considerate towards those who teach our classes.


 For any concerns or questions you might have please email me, Bart Welten at: or phone me at the Office on 9381 0400



A question people often ask: At what age should my child be prepared?

In accordance with pastoral practice in the Archdiocese,

we have adopted the following:

First Reconciliation:  from 8 years of age [Yr 3]

    First Communion:  from 9 years of age [Yr 4/5]

Confirmation:   from 11 years of age [Year 6]

 It is important at all times to respect your child’s journey of faith, and the working of the Holy Spirit.

Please don’t assume that just because they’re in a particular grade that they’re ready to take that next step.

Please pray about your child’s faith and just as you have a conversation with God about their readiness,

have a conversation too, with your child.

This is especially important when it comes to Confirmation…it is sometimes better

to wait for a peaceful readiness

than to push for what you, as a parent, believe to be right.

Spiritual maturity doesn’t have the same time-clock as emotional/physical maturity,
nor the same predictability as moving from one year level to the next at school.
Ask for the gift of discernment.

                                Sacramental Program