Dear Parents

Congratulations on the birth of your child, and thank you for expressing your desire to have your child welcomed into God’s family through baptism.

If the parish of Saint Joseph is your usual worship community,we invite you to either ring the parish office and speak to Bart Welten, our baptism coordinator [on Monday, Wednesday or Friday] or to email him on 

Bart will happily have a conversation with you about your hopes for your child’s baptism,and share with you some of the hopes and expectations of the Church. He will ask for some basic contact details, so that he can forward an application form to you, covering all the things that you and we need to know. He will also be able to work through the parish calendar with you to find a suitable date and time.

One of the things we will ask you to commit to is attendance at a Baptism information meeting. We hold these in the Church, usually on the first Tuesday of each month. You can work out with Bart the date of the most suitable one for you to attend.




For those who live within another parish, or are registered elsewhere as parishioners, even if you usually come to Mass here,

you need to remember that the usual place for Baptism is the parish in which you reside. That is really where you need to begin.

If there is a very good reason for needing to change the place of baptism, then the Archdiocese of Perth requires

that you get permission from your local parish priesto celebrate the baptism at St Joseph’s.




In the parish of Saint Joseph, baptisms are held on Sundays, usually at 11.00 and 11:30 am and are usually of about 30 minutes duration.

images Please contact Bart at:     Parish Office: [08]  9381 0400  Mon/Wed/Frior email him at: