Dear Parents ……..Congratulations on the birth of your child, on welcoming new life into your family.

Thank you for expressing your desire to have your child welcomed into God’s family through Baptism.

If we in the parish of Saint Joseph are your usual worship community,

we invite you to either ring the parish office and speak to Bart Welten, our Baptism coordinator

[on Monday, Wednesday or Friday]  or email him on 

Bart will happily have a conversation with you about your hopes for your child’s Baptism,

and share with you some of the hopes and expectations of the Church.

He will ask for some basic contact details, so that he can forward an application form to you,

covering all the things that you and we need to know.

He will also be able to work through

the parish calendar with you to find a suitable date and time.




One of the things we will ask you to commit to is attendance at a Baptism information meeting.

We hold these in the Church, usually on the first Tuesday of each month.

You can work out with Bart the date of the most suitable one for you to attend.




For those who live within another parish, or are registered elsewhere as parishioners,

even if you usually come to Mass here, you need to remember that the usual place for Baptism is the parish in which you reside.

For this reason, the Archdiocese of Perth requires that you get permission from your local parish priest

to celebrate the Baptism at St Joseph’s.




At St Joseph’s, Baptisms are held on Sundays, usually at 11.00 and 11:30 am.

Baptism ceremonies are usually of about 30 minutes duration.





Baptism and the Christian Community 


Baptism comes from the Greek word baptizo -  meaning, I plunge you into.

It was first introduced into the New Testament in the recounting of the story of John, cousin of Jesus,

who called the local community to metanoia – that is, turning away from its dependence on power,

money and other distractionsand plunged them – with great gusto – into a new, clean, turned-around life.


One of the first things one notices about newborn children is the role played by their eyes.

For the first few days they seem unfocused,moving side to side, almost without purpose.

Then all of a sudden the eyes start to focus and the little one starts to practice looking.

You’ll catch them staring very intently at certain things and not at all at other things.

Finally, after quite some time, you’ll notice them beginning to focus on you, the parent….watching, staring

and, at first, without much more happening, no reaction, no smile, just intent.

Then when they’re ready, capable, suddenly the power of sight becomes connected with the child’s

emotional pathways and the extraordinary life-long dialogue begins

- wow, this one I know,

- mm, this one feeds me,

- oh, this one smiles at me,

- ah, this one makes me feel safe.

They’ve turned the corner in their turning to you

and the heart-connection is made.


This is metanoia – a turning around to be face-to-face and heart-to-heart.

This is the essence of what happens through Baptism – a plunging into

a new life through which, when we reach a point of readiness,

we come face-to-face, heart-to-heart with the Holy One

who created us to be loved ..and to love.

“Yet in my flesh shall I see God..we shall see each other face-to-face”

[Book of Job]






Please make contact with our Coordinator, Bart Welten, who will have a conversation with you

regarding your proposed dates and  arrange for you to receive an application form.

      Please contact Bart at:

                        Parish Office: [08]  9381 0400  Mon/Wed/Fri

      or email him at: