“Parishes will move to a missionary footing 

when we believe in our heart-of-hearts 

that there is a harvest”  

Daniel Ang, Subiaco, July 2019

The Next Step


Discernment Session 2: Monday 17 February

Theme 4: Prayerful and Eucharistic

Theme 5: A Joyful, Hope-filled and Servant Community

Theme 6: Open to Conversion, Renewal and Reform




Now that we are in the discernment  phase,

we continue to seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

We will hold two discernment sessions.

Each will be held immediately after the Monday evening Mass.

Each session will last for approximately 2 hours,

followed by fellowship and refreshments.


There will be three themes for each session,

with participants selecting the theme

they would like to discern at each session.


Some pre-reading [from the Plenary Council website]

will be required on the selected theme.

Our three facilitators

– Mary McComish, Tina Perez and Daniel Lynch –

will each facilitate one theme at each session.

Discernment Session 1: Monday 25 November

Theme 1: Missionary and Evangelising

Theme 2: Inclusive, Participatory and Synodal

Theme 3: Humble, Healing and Merciful


Discernment Session 2: Monday 17 February

Theme 4: Prayerful and Eucharistic

Theme 5: A Joyful, Hope-filled and Servant Community

Theme 6: Open to Conversion, Renewal and Reform


Before the next part of the process begins,

take some time to reflect on what discernment is.

To get help with that reflection,

please follow the link to the Plenary Council website

There are also some very interesting videos on

where-we’ve come-from

and where-we’re going-from-here

You can access them by following this link

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If English is your second language

and you would like to access the Listening-and-Discernment

materials in other languages, please follow the appropriate link:

Untitled  Chinese,










Indigenous,   English



The notion of synodality

is unclear for some and challenging for others;

you might consider reading a wonderful article

written by Australian Catholic theologian Ormond Rush.

You can find it by following this link.

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Pope Francis’ dream for the Church in Australia

is that it may become

a synodal Church.

A synodal church is one which listens,

which realizes that listening is more than simply hearing.

It is a mutual listening

in which everyone has something to learn….

the faithful people,

the bishops,

the bishop of Rome:

all listening to each other,

and all together listening to the Holy Spirit,

in order to know

what the Spirit says to the churches. “

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Pope Francis’understanding of synodality,

while expressed in the language and theology of Vatican II,

is rooted in the way the Church understood itself

from earliest times…

please follow the link  to read further


Just as you did it to one of the least of these, 

who are members of my family, 

you did it to me”.  

May our eyes be opened to the hungry, thirsty, naked, sick and imprisoned.

May our minds be freed from the bounds of self-interest, fear and prejudice.

May our hearts be moved to recognise and respond to the needs of your people.

May we be open to the fruits of your Spirit,

so that our thoughts, words and actions

can be infused with love, peace, compassion and selflessness.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen

Plenary Council Prayer



The National Plenary Council Committee

has produced its final summary

Please click HERE

Saint Joseph’s Parish Documents

PlenaryCouncilSt JosephsPriorities  -  UPDATED and released 5 May 2019

Plenary Council 2020 Parish of Saint Joseph Priorities MovingForward

Plenary Council 2020_Parish of Saint Joseph Summary November 2018