Plenary Council 2020




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**Visiting Speaker Daniel Ang July 2019**

… and discover

what’s planned for the first week in July




Daniel Ang will facilitate our workshops on

what it means to be an evangelising parish






The National Plenary Council Committee

has produced its final summary

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To view our parish priorities for future directions

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PlenaryCouncilSt JosephsPriorities  -  UPDATED and released 5 May 2019

Plenary Council 2020 Parish of Saint Joseph Priorities MovingForward

Plenary Council 2020_Parish of Saint Joseph Summary November 2018


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 The Plenary Council website is still functional,

even though submissions are no longer accepted.

It has many resources and contains multiple links to useful sites

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Pope Francis’ dream for the Church in Australia is that it may become

a synodal Church. A synodal church is one which listens,

which realizes that listening is more than simply hearing.

It is a mutual listening in which everyone has something to learn….

the faithful people, the bishops, the bishop of Rome:

all listening to each other,

and all together listening to the Holy Spirit,

in order to know what the Spirit says to the churches. “

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